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Whether for overcoming chip obsolescence, solving an issue with supply, or prototyping, E-tec can offer a wide range of package and footprint adaptors. These high-quality adaptors allow the use of function compatible components with a differing PCB footprint or pin-out.

E-tec offer an extensive range of adaptors, examples include:

  • PLCC to DIP
  • PLCC to PGA
  • SOIC to DIP
  • PLCC to PGA
  • DIP to DIP
  • QFP to PGA
  • QFN to DIP
  • QFN to PGA
  • TSOP to SOP
  • SOP to TSOP
  • QFN to SOIC
  • DIP to SOIC

As part of our service, we can source and fit the replacement IC to our adaptors, or supply for self-assembly.

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