Secure and safe wire to wire waterproof connections

When waterproofing is a consideration for reliably connecting wires, the IPX7 rating afforded by the use of solid rubber seal rings is a proven method. The 2mm pitch E-tec range allows 2, 3 or 4 wires to be plugged and unplugged. These are held securely with an inner housing lock. The sprung construction of the phosphor bronze contact receptacle and mating plug deliver a reliable 3A rating for wires AWG #22 to #26.

This connector system can be supplied incorporated in a complete cable assembly terminated to customer requirements.

A summary of the range is available to download or view here.

For more information, technical details and pricing, please use call us or email

Flat Flex Cable Jumpers in 1.00mm to 5.08mm pitch

Flat Flex Cable Jumpers are available in pitches between 1.0mm and 5.08mm to provide current rating per conductor from 1.0A to 4.0A (and common sizes in between). Available with PET or highly durable Nomex(TM) insulators, this simple but effective board to board solution allows flexible movement between pcbs without compromising performance in demanding environments. Simple and quick to assemble, once manually placed into pcb and flow soldered these jumper cables provide a robust connection. For further information, please contact our office or check data for this range at the following link.

Circular Connector Series M8 M12

Circular connectors are indispensable in today's industrial automation. The application fields of standardised circular connectors range from communication technology such as Ethernet, PROFINET, Profibus, Devicenet and CANbus, to clever power supply solutions. The circular connectors must be able to withstand wind, water and vibration in harsh environments, all of which is possible thanks to the standardised screw connections in M8 and M12 thread dimensions and IP68 classification. E-tec offers a selection of the most common codes (A, B and D) in accordance with IEC 61076-2-104 and IEC 61076-2-101 standards. The circular connectors are available as a solder version (THT) for PCB mounting, solder-cup terminals, panel mount, cable terminated or supplied integrated into a complete cable assembly.

E-tec also offers industry standard circular connectors, where the highest level of reliability and performance are the focus, in customer-specific dimensions and shapes. Ask us, we will be pleased to help you with your application development and integration.

Please see here for a printable overview: Circular Connectors Series overview

Links to full web data: M8 Series , M12 Series

High Temperature Polyimide Sockets

E-tec introduce any shape, any pattern, any pin count custom hi temp sockets - customers can build their own turned pin socket and E-tec will produce the parts in days with no tooling costs ( unless a new brass terminal design is required ) and at a price comparable to conventional turned pin sockets.

Sockets and adaptors are produced in FR4 or hi temp polyimide for applications requiring elevated operating temperatures up to 300 degrees C. Sockets can also be produced in MT40 and Rogers material for special applications.

E-tec offer a wide range of sockets including circular, rectangular, single, double, triple strips etc. on any pitch. Elevated sockets used for example with LED displays can be produced by incorporating a raised turned pin terminal. Applications for hi temp sockets are found in the Oil and Gas industry, Aerospace and Defence, Industrial and Instrumentation, Sensors, Medical, Automotive and Transport. Enquiries are invited – send a simple sketch to we will be pleased to offer a quotation.

Waterproof connectors

Don't get caught out by April showers - the E-tec Interconnect range of waterproof connectors will keep your kit dry!

Offering IP67 rated waterproof USB and waterproof modular jack connectors and cable assemblies, with mating caps and a range of pcb and pigtail termination options, we will be pleased to discuss your requirement in depth.

E-tec offers existing solution to obsolete MOLEX KK series items

A key feature of our female plug crimp contact connectors is the retaining 'lugs' which some manufacturers have removed from their current designs.

These lugs prevent sideways movement and avoid bent pins on the male header.

If this feature is important to you, E-tec have a solution to maintain the performance of your product without compromising quality.

Please refer to our datasheet or contact us for more information.

Flat Flex Cable and Cable Test Sockets

E-­tec offer many Flat Flexible Cable options from stock, and we can provide exactly the required configuration of conductors, length, pitch and termination in less than 4 weeks, from prototyping samples to production volumes.

  • 3 to 50 conductors,
  • 30 to 1200mm+ length,
  • 0.50, 0.80, 1.00, 1.25, 1.27, 2.54mm pitch,
  • Polyester or high temp Polyamide,
  • Aluminium and Mylar shielding, Drain wires,
  • Complimented connector range.
  • Biochip Interface Unit

    RYURO, an easy solution for interfacing a Biochip with an external electric system of fluidics. In partnership with SER Japan, E-tec can now offer this technology to the UK market. The RYURO socket can be configured to meet the requirements of any microchip footprint. This socket finds uses for multiple applications including :

    Biochemical Laboratory,

    Biochip Study and Evaluation,

    Interface Unit to Micro Fluidics and Outer fluidics

    Interface unit for Biochip inter circuit and External

    Micro Fluidics System IFC

    DNA/Protein Chip interface unit

    To discover more on the potential this socket can unlock, please contact us for more information.

    E-tec manufacture IC socket package adaptors

    Please contact us for more information on what we can produce to meet your adaptor requirements.

    LED Connectors

    • Available in 2.40mm and 4.00mm pitch with 1, 2 and 3 poles.
    • Low profile design ideal for shadow reducing and space saving.
    • Very easy connection by simply sliding the button!
    • In addition to LED, many more applications are possible.