Bespoke Manufacture

E-tec offer custom connectors quickly. Our strength is rapidly producing turned pin adaptor sockets and headers in virtually any shape or size.

For example, if a client requires an 8 pin circular socket on an open frame disc with 28mm diameter, we can typically produce a sample part within 48 hours. Another example may be a strip with partially loaded or fully loaded contacts on say a 1.75mm, 2.20mm, 4.80mm or 6.15mm pitch, in other words, any pitch any population! Samples in 1-2 days.

We simply require the footprint details of the item to be socketed be it a relay, sensor, pinned hybrid or circular package and the terminal dimensions so we can confirm by return that we have a suitable contact to accept the terminals and then offer a competitive quotation.

New designs for custom turned pin terminals and custom socket terminals, or to replace obsolete turned pin designs can be created to suit your application specific needs.

Any footprint, huge range of terminals, samples in 1-2 days