Welcome to E-tec Interconnect UK

We design and manufacture advanced interconnect products to meet our customers specific needs, producing here in the UK and abroad in Switzerland and Asia.

Welcome to E-tec Interconnect UK

E-tec UK produce many custom specific products, including package converters, pinned daughter boards, non standard sockets with special pitches and sockets in high temp FR4 or polyimide insulators.

Latest News

E-tec offers existing solution to obsolete MOLEX KK series items

Need to keep product performance? E-tec offers reliable alternatives to obsolete MOLEX KK series items.

Flat Flex Cable and Cable Test Sockets

E-­tec offer many FFC cable options from stock, and we can provide exactly the required configuration of conductors, length, pitch and termination in less than 4 weeks, from prototyping samples to production volumes.

Biochip Interface Unit

Connecting a biochip with an external electric system of fluidics, E-tec now offers the Biochip Interface Unit 'RYURO', in partnership with SER Japan.